Walter and Freddy
8. Walter and Freddy
Walter Bennett and Freddy make their escape.


3 January 2007


"Return to 17"


City 14 (spin-off)
"Mr Purple"

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"Walter and Freddy" is the third episode of the second series of City 17 Street and the last episode of series two overall.


Walter Bennett makes a daring escape from Nova Prospekt, rescuing his fellow prisoner Freddy along the way. Fleeing from Nova Prospekt security, they board the next passing train to parts unknown. Back at "present" time, Samuel Pade continues to voice his worry for Walter's fate.



  • Walter uses the elder Counter Strike hostage model, although he was seen using Isaac Kleiner model in previous episodes.
  • This episode features the last appearance of Walter Bennett until the New Year 2009 Special (which was a mere cameo) and last appearance of Samuel Pade until Samuel (in August 2009).
  • Originally a time skip was to occur after this episode, which would feature Gordon Freeman's arrival in City 17 (thus crossing over onto the events of Half-Life 2).

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