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For the Half-Life series character, see Walter Bennett.

Walter Bennett is a character in City 17 Street. Walter is a former employee of the Black Mesa Research Facility and a resident of City 17. He is the friend of Nathan Johnson.

Walter was the main character of the first and second series of City 17 Street and a recurring character thereafter.

He has a younger brother called Moral Bennett.


Walter Bennett was employed at the Black Mesa Research Facility and along with Dr. Rosenberg was involved in creating portal technology, which would unfortunately lead to a portal to another dimension being opened and causing alien creatures to travel through. During the Black Mesa Incident Walter managed to escape the facility along with fellow scientists Rosenberg and Simmons, and security guard Barney Calhoun.

Walter escaped to Europe with the three of them but ended up being separated. After the Seven Hour War which saw the successful takeover of earth by the Combine Empire, Walter was sent to live in the newly founded City 17.

Many years later Walter would help the Resistance against a new threat - the Clandestine Company - who were planning an invasion larger than the Combine. As Walter was originally involved in the creation of the portal technology at Black Mesa he decided to put his knowledge to good use and started working on a beta teleporter in his lab. He was tracked down by his crooked brother Moral Bennett, who had attempted to plead with his brother to join the Company. Walter however refused, as he opposed their plans and would never betray his friends. This rejection left Moral cold, but he left quietly.

A couple of days later, Walter was visited by friend Nathan Johnson and Walter informed him on Moral's visit. Nathan calls upon his friend Simon Simms to watch Walter and his granddaughter Sunny Bennett (who came along to visit her grandfather) while he ran some errands. However Moral returns with Company Agents in tow, and Walter is shot dead by his brother and Simon and Sunny are kidnapped. Nathan returns shortly after and captures Moral, and grieves over Walter's body.


  • Walter Bennett is a character who was first mentioned in Gearbox's first expansion pack Half-Life: Opposing Force (1999) and later made his first appearance in Half-Life: Blue Shift (2001) as a supporting character. The name of the bald scientist model is also called "Walter" (which later inspired the creation of Isaac Kleiner).


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