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For the character from the Half-Life series see Wallace Breen.

Wallace Breen is the former ruler of the Combine Forces of earth, and the administrator of the Black Mesa Research Facility. He acted as the primary antagonist of the first year of City 17 Street and the employer of The G-Man.


Black Mesa

Wallace Breen worked as the administrator in the Anonymous Materials labs at the Black Mesa Research Facility. He welcomed new IT Specialist Nathan Johnson on his first day and gave him a tour around the labs and his office space.

Administrator of City 17

Wallace Breen handled earth's surrender during the Seven Hour War and was appointed administrator of earth by the Combine. He moved to City 17 and made it his primary base of operations.

Presumed death

It was reported in the City Seventeen Chronicle that Breen was killed by a pack of bullsquids during a stroll in City 17. However in reality he had faked his death in order to evade capture by the winning resistance.

Planned destruction of City 17

Along with The G-Man Breen planned to destroy City 17. He came out of hiding seven-years after his presumed death, and kidnapped Emile Clayton. He lured Nathan to the citadel and captured him, and revealed that he was going to destroy the citadel and everyone below. Breen escaped with G-Man, taking a captured Emile with them, and headed to a castle far away from the city to watch the fireworks. But Nathan managed to get free thanks to his friends and tracked down Breen and G-Man. Breen was shot in the face before he could detonate the citadel, and was presumably killed when Nathan set off an explosion at his castle.

Different realities

Breen survived the gunshot and explosion, but was severally crippled and was required to be hooked up to a life support machine and had to travel in a wheelchair. He managed to travel to an alternative universe named New World and struck a deal with an alternative version of himself to start a New Combine Empire in this reality. But again his plan failed and Breen attempted to escape in his wheelchair by using thrusters to fly in the air, but ended up crashing into a fighter jet and crashed into the canal.

Frank Blackstone traveled from the future and saved Breen from his death, and took him to an alternative reality in which Nathan Johnson had turned rogue and was the supreme leader of a group known as the Clandestine Company. Nathan gave Breen a new identity named Robert Corbin and had him pose as a politician. Once Breen gained power, Nathan formed an alliance with him from City 17 and with another rogue leader named Sharky White as part of a plot to takeover the rest of Eastern Europe.


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