City 17 Street

Also known as

City 17 Street: G-Man Chronicles



Based on

Half-Life by Valve Software

Developed by

Nathan Johnson



No. of seasons


No. of episodes



City 17
Happy Ville

Original release

June 2017 - present

Unforeseen Consequences: G-Man Chronicles is an upcoming 2017 miniseries which will act as a spin-off to City 17 Street, itself a fan-fiction spin-off to the Half-Life video game series. It will chronicle the life of The G-Man and his perspective during Half-Life 2 and City 17 Street. It will also act as a pseudo-sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode Two.


Ten years following the downfall of the Combine, and a year following the defeat of a shadow organization, The G-Man returns to City 17 in order to make a name for himself, and to gain back his old ways following his banishment to earth by his mysterious employers several years ago. This leads to him teaming up with a rogue alien named Dr. Icky in a bid to takeover City 17 and draw back the Elders, so G-Man can have his revenge as well as take back his old identity. Although this is his basic plans, he has more convoluted plans in store, which involves the universe and time itself.

The story depicts "missing" moments of G-Man's life in City 17 Street, which also involves him taking on the identity of gangster Frank Blackstone and living the life of a career criminal.


Episode 0

During a sacrificial ceremony held by serial killer Bo-Bo the Clown, Frank Blackstone arrives and interrupts the process, which involves him killing Bo-Bo and taking his superpowered abilities which involves soul destroying and body shifting. Frank does this as he hopes to return to his old ways at the G-Man, but realises that Bo-Bo's abilities come with a price, and that he will be dead within a few weeks. Frank conducts a scheme which involves killing his old boss Mr. ????, the head of the mysterious inter-dimensional group "the employers". Frank plots this by creating a new alien invasion in a bid to takeover a now partially peaceful City 17 and in the hope of drawing back the Elders.

In an unrelated subplot, Gordon Freeman is suffering drug addiction and mental health issues nearly ten years since Eli's death and since the "end of the mission", and Barney Calhoun is taking care of an elderly and ill Isaac Kleiner, who still believes his long since deceased pet Lamarr is still alive.

Episode 1: How G-Man became Mr. Blackstone

Years prior, G-Man created his own universe in which he was the administrator of City 17 and head of the Combine forces on earth (in the place of Wallace Breen). But following a defeat by Nathan Johnson, G-Man found himself banished to earth by the employers, who felt he was under control. Rather "terminate" him permanently, they felt it would be greater punishment to strip him of his cosmic bending abilities and powers and make him a mortal human, forced to live as a regular citizen. G-Man felt greater disgust at this, and wished harm on the employers.

Episode 2


Behind the Scenes

See also: Blackstone

In January 2016, a spin-off featuring G-Man/Frank Blackstone as the principal protagonist was in development, which followed the basic premise of him being banished on earth and starting a life as a career criminal (which would be recycled for this series). The name of the story was simply Blackstone and it would have also depicted his feud with the G-Woman. But these plans ended up being scrapped in order to concentrate on the tenth anniversary and finale of City 17 Street.

In June 2017, a standalone City 17 Street story arc was created which featured G-Man as the leading (and villainous) protagonist. Although supposed to be part of the main City 17 Street series, it was decided to use the story for G-Man's own spin-off series, which would also explore his perspective during the early days of the series. His story arc was merged into a single pilot episode, with the plan for subsequent episodes to be flashbacks, which would explain G-Man being banished to earth by the employers, taking on the identity of Frank Blackstone and working as a career criminal.

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