"Truth and Revelations" is a two-part episode of City 17 Street that aired in October 2009. It was promoted as the "finale" to Callum Rockwood's time in the series, thus concluding his story since his introduction in the episode "Arriving, City 17" nearly two years previously. It is also the conclusion to his spin-off Callum's Worse Half-Life. Unlike his previous depictions however, this episode is a lot more serious and darker.

Originally a third part was planned, but filming never went ahead. This would be Callum's last appearance until the episode "Halloween Special 4" the following year.


Part 1

Callum Rockwood is in a relationship with Chell and is living a normal life. But when her daughter goes missing, Callum takes it upon himself to track down the girl. He is contacted by a mystery man in a suit, who claims to have information. Meeting on a rooftop near the Hometown estate, Callum ends up shooting the man dead. Returning to Chell, he reveals that the man was her daughter's abductor, and that she is dead. Chell is devastated.

Part 2

Meanwhile in an office in the citadel, a Combine Elite welcomes a figure named "Mr. Breen". Chell's daughter is seen on the floor with hands tied behind back. As the camera looks up at the figure, it turns out to be Callum himself and dressed in Wallace Breen's attire. He mockingly tells the girl "sorry I am late".

Unfinished Part 3

A third part was planned, which would have depicted Chell discovering Callum was behind it. She would then team up with Barney Calhoun and storm the citadel and rescue her daughter. Callum was then arrested and led away.



  • Although not stated in the actual episode, behind the scenes supplements reveal that Callum had developed a split personality and believed himself to being the late Wallace Breen - who was the administrator of the Combine. His abduction of Chell's daughter was his plan to cleanse the city of the younger citizens in order to return it to the days of the Combine.
  • This episode sees the introduction of Callum as a villain. He will resume this role for a Halloween Special the following year.


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