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Toby Purnell, also known as Mr. Purple, is a recurring antagonist in City 17 Street. He is a delusional man who is the self proclaimed Purple Dinosaur whose goal is to takeover City 17, although his unstable mind and change in personality prevents him from achieving his goals.


Failed careers

Mr. Purple was a client at the City 17 Office who arrived to show off his "purple products".

Years later after the Combine's downfall Mr. Purple was involved in the retail business and opened up a new superstore. But he had lost his position after he smacked a female shop assistant on the backside and ended up being disgraced. In desperation Mr. Purple turned to Nathan Johnson for a job working for the Simmons crime family and ended up getting a job as a driver. After the downfall of the family, Mr. Purple managed to escape prosecution and severed his criminal ties.

Becoming the Purple Dinosaur

Deciding to take up legitimate work, he became a children's entertainer named Toby the Dinosaur and dressed up in a latex purple dinosaur suit. However Mr. Purple began to see himself as an anthropomorphic dinosaur and went into complete insanity. He began kidnapping his clients in order to host his own "reality children's show" but had turned them loose when the police began investigating.

Mr. Purple came under employment of Tony Angelo and started working in his trafficking operation, as Tony needed laborers to create weapons and androids for his New Combine project. Mr. Purple still masqueraded as Toby the Dinosaur and alongside Rabbit Poacher II kidnapped Hannah Robertson and Vanessa Pade. But Nathan started investigating them and saved the two girls, and Rabbit Poacher II turned out to be an undercover operative. However Tony ceased his connections to Mr. Purple, leaving him to take the blame and get imprisoned.

Whilst doing his time Mr. Purple received psychiatric help in order to eliminate his "dinosaur" persona. His time in prison wouldn't a walk in the park and he was set upon by a prisoner and ended up receiving a permanent scar on his right cheek. Once Mr. Purple's treatment was complete, he was declared sane and fit to return to society and got released after only three years.


Mr. Purple wanted to takeover City 17 for himself and decided to take advantage of the chaos that had unfolded during his time away, mostly down to mob wars and countless alien invasions. He set up operation at the abandoned Nova Prospekt along with David Ades and saved a mutilated Campbell Stanton from prison, planning to use him as his henchman.

Mr. Purple returned to City 17 using his real name Toby Purnell (a name a lot of people who knew weren't familiar with) and got a job at the Evo Corporation, which was ran by the secret society the Clandestine Company. Toby dug up information on this secret society and wished to enter their organization. This attention ended up with him being captured by Clandestine agents, who saw potential in Mr. Purple and put him through months of experimentation and screening.

Toby was now a part of the Clandestine company and served under David Wakeham. Toby still did some children's entertainment on the side and found himself called to an address in the middle of nowhere. But he found himself called to a safehouse belonging to Nathan Johnson, who kidnapped Toby and bound and gagged him. Nathan did this to assume Toby's identity (due to looking like him) and break into the Clandestine headquarters. But this plan didn't work for Nathan as Toby untied himself and warned David, who awaited Nathan's arrival with Clandestine forces who captured him. Nathan's girlfriend Olivia Harris was brought to him, and Toby shot the pair. Nathan was put in a coma, but Olivia had survived, as Toby and David forced her to betray Nathan in order to spare her daughter. She was then released.

Self interests

Toby got bored of serving the Clandestine company and began lacking. When Nathan reawakened from his coma he plotted revenge, which only led to David having Nathan's daughter Samantha kidnapped. Toby felt guilt and didn't want her being harmed, so bargained for her life that he will bring Nathan to them as long as they release Samantha. The Company agreed and Toby flawlessly captured Nathan and restrained him and took Nathan to an abandoned cellar where the Company along with a cult known as the Cult of Munro were waiting to sacrifice Nathan. But they went against their word and drained the energy from Samantha's body, which ended up killing her. This caused Nathan to break free and attack the members, killing most of them although Cult of Munro leader Father Munro managed to make his escape. Nathan ended up taking a bullet and passed out, and Toby managed to take Nathan away to his apartment for safety.

Nathan woke up in Toby's apartment and was close to strangling him. Toby pleaded for his life and attempted to apologise, insisting he had given Nathan up in order to bargain for Samantha's life. Toby offered to dig up information on the Clandestine Company and feed it back to Nathan. When Nathan asks Toby why he would do this, Toby admits he feels used by the Clandestine Company and that he has his own self interests to think of. Nathan decides to spare Toby for the time being, and Toby keeps to his word by giving Nathan information on a drone production line the Clandestine Company and the Cult of Munro are working on, which Nathan manages to destroy and (for the time being) prevent their planned takeover of City 17. Feeling grateful to Toby despite what he had done, Nathan decides to let him go free for now, but warns Toby that if he even thinks of crossing him, he will die.

New obsessions

Toby became obsessed with Disney, especially the Princess Rapunzel and saw himself as her savior. Realising he was losing his mind, Toby wanted to settle down and live a "normal" life. Attending college, he became drawn to a fellow student named Mary who he felt resembled Rapunzel (although this was mainly down to her blonde hair and green eyes) and began asking her out on a date. But he saw that she had a boyfriend, whom Toby identified as Flynn Rider - Rapunzel's love interest from Tangled, so kidnapped him and killed him. The girl at the college was upset that her boyfriend "betrayed" her and a "sympathetic" Toby invited her out on a date. In a moment of cruelty, he served up the oblivious girl her boyfriend's remains, and she complimented Toby on his cooking and said he was a good man. Using mind altering drugs, he convinced her that she was his Princess and she agreed, and began taking part in his roleplay fantasy game. Toby proposed to her, in which she accepted.

But things didn't work well, as Toby's just as delusional and crazed brother Barney Purnell (who is dressed as a pinkish-purple T-Rex) goes to war with Toby and claims he is the "superior dinosaur". After dealing with Barney, Toby and Rapunzel married.

After their wedding both Toby and Rapunzel head out to his friend's motel in order to spend their honeymoon together. Toby has brought with him rope and duct tape, hoping to have some "fun" with Rapunzel. But she spots the items and realises he is up to something. Toby is still aching from his drinking binge on the stag night, and Rapunzel gives him a glass of water but laced with sleeping pills. Toby falls asleep on the motel bed.

The next morning Toby awakens to find himself bound and gagged with the duct tape. Rapunzel teases him that he cannot get the better of her and that he will be all hers during the honeymoon. Toby struggles but is unable to free himself and realises he is completely under her submission. The pair watch The Swan Princess on Netflix, and Toby finds himself getting a massive hard on for being at the mercy of Rapunzel. She notices this and gives him a handjob, but decides to go for full blown sex, which causes him to have the best climax in his life.

Once finished Rapunzel decides to spend time by the pool but leaves Toby still tied up and puts on Tinkerbell for him. The film sends him out of his mind.

Feral State

During his captivity, Toby's mind finally snapped and he became feral. Rapunzel tying him up looked to be an advantage as blood and hunger was on his mind and he was in a frenzy. Toby managed to break free and went on a rampage. Scared of what is happening, Rapunzel managed to recapture him and contacted Toby's friends at the Clandestine Company. They managed to bundle Toby into a van and took him to their underground lab at Evo Corporation for testing.

When Rapunzel asked about her husband's state, she was informed that Toby's fantasies as a dinosaur has come into full effect and he is now acting like a velociraptor from Jurassic Park. A doctor working for the Company said that he would try all he can to help Toby, but it doesn't look like he'll recover.

Toby was kept in a barred cell, and spent him time wandering about making raptor noises. David Wakeham and the doctor observed him, and the Doctor mentioned that Toby would be perfect for their planned Prowler Project. David agreed, and told the Doctor to get to work.

When Nathan infiltrated the Evo Corporation facility under the alias of the Elder's Knight, Toby (who was now fully transformed into a prowler) was dispatched to slow him down. The pair engaged in a battle, but Nathan got the better of Toby and stabbed him through the chest and knocking him out. But Toby survived, and was last seen in an operating room receiving treatment.

Toby later abducted Rapunzel and took her to his attic apartment in City 17 with the intent to kill and eat her. But she managed to untie herself and shot him point blank in the chest, killing him. She was later informed that his body was cremated. However in reality, his death was faked although he got sent to Clandestine Asylum to receive treatment.

Terror upon City 17

A few years following his imprisonment, Toby managed to get himself released from the institute after he used some goons on his parole to threaten the family of his psychiatrist. The psychiatrist deemed Toby sane, although did advise him to keep taking his medication to reduce his hallucinations.

Toby returned to City 17, which was under heavy martial law following the downfall of the Clandestine Company and being kept isolated from the outside world due to joint efforts of the World Wide Government. Toby got a job at the Cafe Baltic in the city, but returned to the Evo Corporation where he learned that former members of the Clandestine Company were still working there and conspiring to destroy City 17.

Toby stopped taking his medication, which caused him to perceive reality differently and saw his life as a fictional piece in which he was the star. Wanting to cause chaos for the sake of it, he plotted to attack the Evo Corpotation and bring attention to the members of the defunct Clandestine Company.

During a public event in which a party was thrown, Toby filled the balloons with neurotoxin stolen from an Aperture Convoy and poisoned the food, which caused the staff to fall ill. Toby took one of the visitors named Georgina hostage, however let her go. Toby made his escape following the attack, but the Clandestine Company managed to keep it at bay.

Toby began targeting detective Gerald Peterson and Darren Johnson, wishing to make them his archenemies in his fantasy.

Toby returned to the Evo Corporation along with his own resistance group in which he held it hostage and demanded the board of directors "give themselves up" and reveal the truth of the Clandestine Company. He executed three of the employees (one of them being Vanessa Pade).


Mr. Purple is a young man around his mid to late 20s, with a lean appearance and parted dark purple hair. He has dark brown eyes, although when he goes into "predatory" mode they glow a bright purple colour. He is normally smartly dressed, with his choice of clothing either being a dark purple suit with black tie, or black trousers, a black pin-striped waistcoat with a dark purple shirt and a purple overcoat.

Since adopting his "Toby the Dinosaur" persona he wears a full body latex purple dinosaur suit, although on some occasions he may only choose to wear the mask. Although later in his "transformation" he ditched the purple dinosaur suit, and instead wore a mask resembled the Indominus rex from Jurassic World, although later coloured it purple.

In Mr. Purple's delusional mind he literally views himself as an anthropomorphic purple dinosaur, with purple scales growing across, a long tail and sharp teeth.

Personality and abilities

Mr. Purple displays a high sex drive and a perverted personality, although he is shown to be caring. He has paternal instincts which was derived from the fact he has hinted at having a daughter he lost. To grown adults, he wishes to simply mate them and make them "like himself". Sometimes when scouting out his prey he goes into "predatory" mode in which he starts acting like an animal whose only goal is to hunt, and as a result of this his eyes glow a bright purple colour. The exact reason for this is unclear, although the influence of the Clandestine Company may have had something to do with it.

Despite appearing quite foolish and comical, which is mostly down to his chosen attire, Toby possesses many good skills. He has a high adrenaline rush which helps him become fast and quick and assists him in surviving dangerous situations. He is sometimes referenced to as a "ghost", due to the fact he can enter secure places despite how impossible it seems, and Toby gives no explanation on how he carries it out.

Behind the Scenes

  • During the intermediate period in which City 17 Street was on hiatus (which was for six months between the episodes Walter and Freddy and Pool of Death) writer Nathan Johnson came up with many ways to revive the series. In March 2007 he came up with the idea of "Mr. Purple", who was planned as the new protagonist of a possible full-time revival of City 17 Street. Mr. Purple was given his own standalone pilot episode titled "Mr. Purple", or "Diversity Special", in which he was introduced as a more comedic character arriving in City 17 and forced to take part in silly activities. The character got given his own three-part miniseries (which was to include a fourth episode but got cut) which depicted his wacky goings on and even introduced him a companion named Ms. Blue. But when City 17 Street returned in July 2007 with the episode "Pool of Death", Nathan Johnson was opted as the protagonist. However over the summer period, Mr. Purple appeared for two further episodes, the second one which ended in his presumed demise.
  • A spin-off for Mr. Purple was planned which would be titled City 1 and created using Garry's Mod. But this project didn't take of.
  • Mr. Purple was reintroduced in 2010 during the mafia era of the series, although this was a mere few episodes.


  • He uses a Male_07 character model, but with minor tweaks such as purple hair and occasional purple eyes.

List of Appearances


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