"Times of Change"


9 July 2017





"Times of Change" is the first episode of the second series of City 14, and the thirteenth episode overall.


Holly Hills looks into a raid at the Aperture Bio Research Facility in City 14, which leads her into confrontation with a face from the past.


In 2012, eight-year-old Holly Hills witnesses her parents, Mr and Mrs Hills, getting gunned down by a masked individual. Shortly after his death, she is taken in by the Johnson family along with her two sisters Paisley and Gillian.

Twenty-years-later, Holly (now 28 years old) is working as an agency for the Resistance Government in City 14. Following an attack at the Aperture Bio Research Facility on the outskirts of the city, Holly goes to investigate where she discusses the incident with local detective David Peterson. Before they can look into the incident further, a specialist team arrive and turn the law enforcement away, stating that they are handling it. Holly returns home, where she finds a piece of paper in her kitchen, with the writing on it: "THE BATTLE IS FAR FROM OVER".

Fifteen years previously, Holly is starting out as an agent where she is assigned to prevent The G-Man from detonating a black hole device which could potentially destroy the earth. Holly is also keeping a secret, in which she has locked up her zombified sister Paisley Hills and is trying to rehabilitate her. When Paisley becomes too violent, Holly is forced to allow her to escape in order to save her life.

When Holly finds out where G-Man's headquarters are, she goes to investigate but is captured. G-Man plans on opening up the gateway in his attempt to tear the multiverse apart, in a moment on madness. Before G-Man can kill Holly, Paisley appears (having followed Holly to the headquarters) and tackles G-Man into his black hole gateway, which destroys the machine in the process and presumably the pair of them. Holly is shocked and also devastated at the loss of her sister. She puts into her report that G-Man's plan failed and he ended up being killed during a failed portal experiment. The remains of the destroyed portal are taken away by an unknown group.

Holly returns home and looks through her mail. In one of the letters, she is informed that "THE BATTLE IS FAR FROM OVER". There is no clue as to who sent her it, and she decides not to disclose any further.

Back to present day, Holly goes to meet Monty Johnson for dinner and the pair of them reminisce about the past. Holly returns home, where she is shocked to be face to face with a zombie Paisley, who attacks and tries to kill her. But Monty arrives on the scene and fires upon Paisley, who flees into the night. Holly decides to spend time with a friend, as well as looking into what is going on. As Paisley has somehow returned, she fears that the G-Man is no too far behind.

A young man named Derrick Thompson, Jr is looking through pictures of his father Derrick Thompson, Sr, saying that he will continue his work. Derrick has files laid out on the floor, as well as stolen Aperture technology in the corner, which includes a mysterious vital with an alien fetus inside of it. Derrick sets up a video chat, where an image of the G-Man appears. Derrick informs G-Man that he has closely followed his orders and that he will be able to prosper. Derrick's older sister Katy knocks on the door informing Derrick it is dinner. He switches off the chat, and goes to see her and their mother Hanna. Derrick lies, stating that he has had an offer at university through his lecturer "Mr. Blackstone".

At Holly's house, Monty locks up after making sure it is secure and drives off, not seeing a car pull up outside her home. A figure steps out of the car and looks up at the house, and he is revealed to be an older looking Nathan Johnson.


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