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Thomas Wilson is a secret agent for "The Agency" and an undercover operative at the Evo Corporation looking to take down the Clandestine Company.


Thomas Wilson is an agent and crime fighter who took on his sole mission to unravel the mysteries behind the Clandestine Company, who he blames for the cause of "all evil and destruction". In 2014 he was enlisted into an undercover operation at the Evo Corporation, who he believes holds the keys to the Clandestine Company's plans of domination.

Thomas was later accused of a murder and dismissed from the Agency. He knew this was the work of the Clandestine Company and seeing no point in saving humanity began drinking and doing drugs. He was visited at his haunt - the Sex Place - by Dan Mason and Simon Simms. Although not interested at first, he gives them the possible origin place of the Clandestine Company - White Forest, but turns down the opportunity to help them on their investigation.

At some point following the (assumed) downfall of the Clandestine Company, Thomas began working as a private investigator and looked into the strange activities plaguing the city of City 17. He looked into the abduction of a woman named Nicole Perez, which later led to him receiving a distress call from an unknown source pointing him towards a location known as Scarecrow Island. Thomas headed to the island, where he came across a young girl named Jessica, who had been missing for the past four weeks and wasn't sure how she got there.


  • Thomas Wilson is based off Ethan Thomas from the Condemned game series.
  • Thomas Wilson had first featured in another work of Nathan Johnson titled Ormiston Origins, as part of his horror series The Axe Murderer.


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