"The Trails of Mr. Green"


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Needing another break away from City 17, Nathan goes to visit John and Hannah at their cabin holiday home in the countryside, and also meets John's new wife Jackie. Nathan manages to keep cool and forgets all about Andrea and her husband. While John and Jackie "have fun" in their cabin Nathan takes Hannah horse riding but grows bored. They go for a hike but accidentally come across a drug farm, owned by Mr. Green. Mr. Green chases down the pair and grabs Hannah and threatens Nathan that if he doesn't return he will kill her. Nathan is forced to go with Mr. Green, who takes them to a creek with the intent on killing them. But Nathan withdraws his gun and shoots Mr. Green in the arm, causing him to lose his footing and fall into the creek and get swept away.

Returning to the cabin John asks the pair if they had a good day out, and they say yes, deciding not to disclose what just happened. Later that evening they have a barbecue with some of John's friends coming round.



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