"The Return of the Axe Murderer"


Date was written


"Valentine's Day"


"A day out"

Episode Number(s)



Part 1

The G-Man breaks into John Robertson's home and kidnaps his daughter Hannah Robertson. He ties her up with sellotape and drives away with her in his car. The next morning John wakes up and finds his daughter missing from her room, only with a note left behind. The letter demands that John meets up with the key to City 17.

Part 2

G-Man takes Hannah to his home and keeps her tied up in the basement until he sorts out things with her father. Nathan Johnson gets some new gear from Isaac Kleiner. John heads to the meeting point and waits for G-Man to arrive.

Part 3

John gives his upcoming position of administrator to G-Man. But G-Man betrays John and rides off with her in his car. While driving away, G-Man tells Hannah that he plans on making her his evil successor.


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