"The Life and Times of a Freeman"


August 2007


"Birthday Nightmare"


"Wedding episode"

Episode Number(s)


"The Life and Times of a Freeman" is the first part of a special set of episodes for City 17 Street which takes the perspective of Gordon Freeman. However taking inspiration from the famous webcomic Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman, Gordon Freeman's depiction in the specials is more comedic and taken less seriously than his journey in Half-Life 2.

The specials were originally written to bridge a weekly gap between the episodes "Chain Reactions" and "The Mission", but where later bundled as part of the fourth series of the "Half-Life" era.

The episode also breaks the fourth wall and gives the impression that City 17 Street is a reality TV Show.


Gordon Freeman arrives in City 17, where he is greeted by Nathan Johnson and is offered to take part in a TV Show named City 17 Street. Gordon ends up accepting the offer. Meanwhile, The G-Man finds himself being hit on by a female Vortigaunt.




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