The Kidnapping of Hannah Robertson


27 September 2007


"Case of mistaken identity"


"G-Man's Game"

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"Still recovering from my head injury sustained by Gordon Freeman's crowbar. Got terrible headaches but G-Man gave me some painkillers. Already he is talking about kidnapping some daughter of the leader of City 17. He has definitely lost it."
―Nathan's diary note on his upcoming mission.

The Kidnapping of Hannah Robertson (also known as Entanglement) is a two-part story for City 17 Street. It features the introduction of John Robertson's daughter Hannah Robertson. It was shown on the 27 September 2007.


Part 1

Nathan has recovered from his attack by Gordon Freeman. G-Man is disappointed that Nathan failed to kill Freeman, but lets him off as he has now left City 17. But another problem arises. G-Man was hoping that after Breen's death he would be appointed City 17's new administrator, but instead the position has gone to a man named John Robertson. G-Man is angry, feeling this is an act of betrayal for all the work he had done for Breen and will not go down without a fight until he takes over the city. G-Man digs up information that John has a daughter named Hannah Robertson and orders Nathan to kidnap her for a ransom. Nathan is hesitant, but eventually agrees.

Nathan snatches Hannah from outside her child factory and takes her to his apartment. When she won't shut up and stop irritating him Nathan ties her up and gags her. Knowing it is risking having her in his apartment, he takes her to Dr Kleiner's old hideout that G-Man is using a safehouse. He hands Hannah over, much to the pleasure of G-Man.

Part 2

Hannah is left alone bound and gagged with other City 17 kid residents. Finding a discarded manhack blade, she cuts the tape binding her wrists and manages to free herself. She frees the other kids and finds an HEV suit in her size. After putting it on, she decides to head to the citadel and stop G-Man's plans.




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