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The Husky’s Resurrection is a story which is part of the City 17 Street universe.


We open up with a recap. In 2005, the Husky was stabbed outside the Grammar School by his son Jackass, who claimed that “Husky must die”. However Jackass immediately feels guilt for his father’s murder, a burden he carries throughout his childhood.

A decade later, a twelve-year old Jackass resurfaces and the 10th Anniversary of Husky’s death sends him over the edge. What also sets him off is that he is sent to the same school that the murder occurred. Seeing an advertisement by the “Sinister Co.”, he turns to them for help in possibly resurrecting Husky. But first Jackass must carry out a favour which will help their plans of domination.

Jackass befriends fellow classmate Sandra Bryan, who has just started school as well. Jackass kidnaps Sandra for the Sinister Co, as she is the granddaughter of the mysterious “Consul”, a man who worked for the Combine and holds the secrets to their technology. In return, they promise Jackass for Husky’s resurrection.

But it turns out it isn’t all that it seemed. Jackass is imprisoned by Sinister Co, and they tell him his body will be used as a temple for Husky’s spirit to possess. Using blood samples, body parts and saliva from Husky’s preserved corpse, they carry out a ritual on Jackass and transform him into a were-hound creature. Husky is resurrected and takes over Jackass’s body. Husky thanks the Sinister Co for their help in resurrecting him, and becomes a henchman and attack dog to their organization.


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