The End
The End 2


27 June 2016


"Cutting Losses"


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"The End" is the finale of City 17 Street.


In City 14 Nathan is settled down with new wife Chell and their niece Emile. Life seems to be perfect as they have finally escaped from City 17, however unknown to them the Clandestine Company's activities are far from over and their true leader The Dark One is planning an incursion on City 17 after the failures of Derek Robertson. Nathan is disturbed when he witnesses a news story about Derek being found dead in his cell, from an apparent suicide, but he believes it is murder and the Company are behind it.

On the tenth anniversary since the Combine's downfall, newly elected mayor Alyx Vance is planning on holding a memorial and also open up a museum dedicated to the deceased Gordon Freeman and other resistance who had fallen during the fight against the Combine. But unknown to her, the Dark One is watching her activities and planning revenge against the resistance, feeling wronged by them in the past. Speaking to The G-Man, the Dark One wants Nathan in on the deal. G-Man sells information to the Dark One which contains Nathan's new address, and the Dark One requests G-Man helps out with his goals and he will "get what he promised". G-Man agrees, but warns the Dark One not to go back on the deal.

In City 14, G-Man approaches Nathan with the ultimatum to join his new employee in an upcoming scheme. Nathan refuses to come quietly, which annoys G-Man who sends Clandestine Agents after Nathan. Nathan returns home planning on going on the run with both Chell and Emile, but finds Chell injured and Emile taken. A calling card is left with the lambda logo on it, and Nathan believes that Gordon Freeman is behind the scheme somehow.

Nathan takes Chell to the resistance of City 14 run by his friend Sarah Woods and brother Monty. Monty is now an intelligence agent and reveals that Emile has been transported to City 17 at the old citadel. They try and communicate with City 17 officials, but a massive blackout occurs. The lights are returned to normal, but they are unable to contact City 17 due to a block being put on the transmission. Finding themselves hacked, the Dark One transmits a message to City 14 that they had a wanted person in their midst and reveals Nathan is the one he wants. Clandestine loyalists begin attacking, but Sarah and Monty help Nathan escape into a tram tunnel and sends him on a secret carriage inbound for the Outlands nearby City 17. Chell remains behind to fight off the Clandestine agents.

Back in City 17, the Dark One uses the Clandestine Company's implanted defense system to close down the city and take over, operating from Wallace Breen's office in the citadel. At Alyx's home, her guards are killed by Clandestine Agents whilst she tries to escape with her daughter Azian. Despite them nearly escaping, they are caught by Clandestine agents and she is approached by what appears to be Gordon Freeman with his HEV Suit and helmet on. He knocks Alyx unconscious despite her begging him not to hurt her or Azian.

Nathan makes it to the old White Forest base and regroups with his friends Dan Mason and Simon Simms, who have been operating there since retiring from the Agency. They reveal City 17 has been closed off from the world, but have a Combine Pod which can help them reach City 17. The base is attacked, but the trio are piloted away by Freddy, a friend of Walter Bennett's.

Making their way to City 17, their pod is shot down and Freddy is killed. The three of them are dragged away by Clandestine agents and taken to a base underneath Gm construct to receive "education". Simon and Dan are transported to the citadel, whilst Nathan receives experimentation. He manages to break free and discovers Alyx is being held at the facility. He finds her in a partially lit room, in which she is tied to a chair and gagged and guarded by the HEV Suit man. The man unmasks himself revealing G-Man, who reveals he is actually Gordon Freeman, having suffered a severe accident recently resulting in the complete reconstruction of his face. Finding amusement, Nathan says "so the rumours were true". G-Man reveals that Nathan is wanted by the true head of the Clandestine Company for a job offer and tells Nathan to accept or die. Alyx manages to escape her bonds and stabs G-Man in the chest, causing him to collapse to the ground. She reveals that the Dark One is holed up in the citadel and she takes Nathan to a portal and puts in coordinates leading there. Nathan removes G-Man's HEV suit and puts it on, and enters the portal ready to face the Dark One. After Nathan's departure, a screen nearby Alyx activates which has the Dark One on it. She confirms she sent Nathan through, and the Dark One assures here that their daughter is safe and will be returned to her in all due time.

Nathan arrives at the citadel where he fights through Clandestine Agents. The Dark One pleads with Nathan to stop what he is doing, but Nathan fails to listen. He is eventually knocked out with gas, and locked away in a stalker pod.

Back on construct, Chell enters the facility having heard Nathan was imprisoned there. She meets Alyx who now feels remorse over her betrayal and says the Dark One has her daughter. Alyx and Chell set the coordinates again, and teleport to the citadel.

In Breen's office, the Dark One watches as City 17 is thrown into chaos. On his screen a hideous creature asks if the "portal is ready" in which the Dark One replies it will be prepared soon for their impending arrival. Nathan is brought to his office, stripped off the HEV suit and still in the stalker pod. The Dark One welcomes Nathan and unmasks himself, revealing he is Gordon Freeman all along.

"Nothing changes" says Nathan "always with the trickery"

"Can't believe you believed that old done to death fan theory" replied Freeman

When Nathan asks Freeman what he has betrayed the resistance, Freeman reveals he has always truly had contempt for them. His fight at Black Mesa was simply for survival, but the fight against the Combine was forced upon him. He reveals that he truly wanted to accept whatever Wallace Breen wanted to give him ten years ago, but was disrupted due to the actions of Judith Mossman. Freeman reveals that he is worthier than the human race, as for two decades prior to his arrival in City 17 they allowed themselves to be slaves, yet when he arrived he took out the Combine within the space of two weeks. But since their downfall and the death of Eli Vance, Freeman has felt ignored, especially by Alyx who had cut off contact after her dad's death.

"You think I helped that piece of hot ass for the sake of humanity" sneered Freeman "as if! She was meant to be mine, but it was all ruined! All it was about was her pathetic, one legged father! After all I had done, she cut off contact!"

Freeman goes further into his background since the aftermath of the Uprising, and reveals he met the Clandestine Company when investigating their strange logo located at White Forest. Although forced to become a slave to them, he broke free of the mind control and took charge, planning to take over the planet in his name.

Freeman states him and Nathan are alike.

"I know it is a tired cliche" said Freeman "but look at it this way. We have both been used by others, never allowed to progress. Just binded by others rules and regulations. I never thought it at the time, but me and you Nathan, we are made for each other. And I know you want this, don't let others convince you otherwise!"

Freeman offers Nathan to be at his side and have a seat at the table of his new empire. Rule over humanity, and eventually the universe. Freeman also hints that one day the Combine will return as it is only time when they work out a way to travel to our dimension again for revenge, but this time he will lead the fight and destroy them for good.

Despite Nathan's temptation, he decides not to give into his dark side which has been plaguing him for nearly eight years, and turns down Freeman's offer. He also calls Freeman's bluff at the Combine's return. Angry, Freeman points a gun at Nathan's head, but decides against it. He says he will turn Nathan into a drone, and sent on "off-world assignment". But before Freeman can do anything, he hears gunfire and Alyx (donning a female made HEV Suit) and Chell enter the office. Alyx tells Freeman to give up, but Freeman flees into a nearby elevator and escapes.

Nathan is let loose from the pod and they chase down Freeman. They come across a control panel, and on the other side of the glass Freeman is on a walkway, near the Combine's dark portal. Situated at the back is the Borealis, which has wires and plugs connected to the portal. Freeman reveals that he has made a pact with another alien race, and will be letting them through to fully colonize the planet. He says humanity will have no chance, as for the past five years he has crippled their resources and technology one at a time, so only things under Clandestine control are operational. A timer is set, and Nathan decides to stop Freeman and shut the portal down. He tells Alyx and Chell to help "save their friends" and Alyx's daughter and find a way to evacuate them.

Nathan reaches the walk way after fighting through Clandestine Guards. Him and Freeman engage in a fist fight, but Freeman plays dirty by drawing a gun and pointing at Nathan after knocking him to the ground. But Nathan pulls out a hidden knife and stabs Freeman in the kneecap, causing him to collapse to the ground. Nathan plunges the knife into Freeman's chest. Freeman gasps, then seemingly passes away. Nathan retrieves a key card, and heads back to the office.

Dan, Simon, Emile and Azian are evacuated from the citadel in escape pods. Alyx and Chell regroup with Nathan in Breen's office. They access the system, but find Freeman has made sure there is no way to shut the portal down. Nathan makes a decision to destroy the dark portal, but as a result incinerating the top of the citadel. He kisses Chell and tells her how he loves her, before using a portal gun on his person to transport her and Alyx at a same distance from the citadel. Nathan sets the portal to self destruct, and awaits his death. Before the detonation, he cuddles up to an apparition of his daughter Samantha, who tells him it will be okay. Nathan accepts his death and glad he has redeemed himself, closes his eyes as the dark portal explodes and incinerates him. Before the explosion Freeman awakens, only to be caught in the past blast.

The Clandestine Company is fully destroyed and the gateway to the unknown alien dimension is sealed. A few weeks pass, and things begin getting back to normal. Alyx visits the newly constructed museum with Azian, where a portrait of Freeman is. Alyx tells Azian he was a brave man, and helped with the defeat of the Combine a decade ago. It transpires that the identity of the mysterious "Dark One" has not been disclosed and has instead been put down to another "nutcase opportunist wanting to take the city".

Chell and Emily visit Nathan's grave which is located in City 14 Cemetery. They say their final goodbyes, lay flowers and leave the scene, feeling at a peace of mind.

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