The Elders Calling
Nathan is shown a vision of a conflict between the Race X and The Combine by the Elders


10 February 2017


"Halloween Special 2016: Clowns of the Living Dead"


"The Daring Countryside"

Episode Number(s)


"The Elders Calling" is the first episode of City 17 Street – The Legacy of Clandestine.


Following the destruction of City 17 and the Borealis, Nathan Johnson has driven to the countryside looking to start a new life (despite suffering home sickness due to City 17's loss). However he is soon abducted by the group known as The Elders who take him on a trip showcasing a conflict brewing on the Race X homeworld between the alien creatures and The Combine. The Elders' leader Elder Supreme informs Nathan that he will one day be called upon when the time is right. Nathan is sent back to where he was taken from, and he flees in fear.

Nathan arrives at a house which is owned by Frank Blackstone. Frank informs Nathan that one day the Combine will return, and that he should make a decision whether or not to bow down to the Elders or run. Nathan decides to run, feeling tired of his constant life of violence and murder. Frank warns him though that running will not make a difference, as they will find him one day. Nathan ignores Frank's threats and heads on his way.

Six months pass and the Evo Corporation open up a new branch in City 16. Their new CEO - who is the G-Woman - denies any knowledge of the rumoured Clandestine Company and says that the company had no involvement in the demon invasion several months prior. After the press conference G-Woman settles down, and is seen looking through a file pertaining to a company known as "TF". A young red haired girl enters her office, and G-Woman states that it is time that they took back control.

At night at Gm construct, the Elder Supreme goes to meet what appears to be Frank. Elder Supreme says that he isn't surprised that Nathan has chosen to flee, but he will soon see the light. The Elder says that they are at greater risk than ever, and it is time to call upon other "employees" in order to prepare.




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