"Episode Title"
The Cyber Gimp
The Cyber Gimp


30 March 2010






30 March 2010

"The Cyber Gimp" is an episode in City 17 Street and is part of the 2010 series. It features the guest appearance of Jim Darwin and the debut appearance of the mysterious Clandestine Company, whose presence was alluded to in the series through drawings two-years previously.


City 17 Office manager Jim Darwin holds a secret meeting with his sponsors for a new project titled "The Cyber Gimp", which is a weapon which his associates plan on using for their planned domination. When they decide to try out the cyborg, the members pick Darwin. He attempts to protest, but soon finds himself forcefully brainwashed and locked away inside the metallic suit.

Nathan Johnson - who has had suspicions of Darwin - arrives at his office and soon finds himself attack by the Cyber Gimp, which is completely under control by the Clandestine Company members. During the dual Darwin is only able to speak and pleads with Nathan to put him out of his misery. Nathan lodges a grenade inside Darwin's suit and jumps through a window just as it detonates and blows Darin/The Cyber Gimp to pieces.


The explosion is covered up as a gas leak. The Clandestine Company manage to cover up Darwin's death by uploading his mind into a robotic body which has his original appearance.


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