Surprise Return
Surprise Return
Introducing Jed Connelly.


14 July 2007


"Pool of Death"


"Day Hard"

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"Surprise Return" is the second episode of the third series of City 17 Street, and the twelfth episode overall.


Nathan is back in City 17 and bumps into an old friend from his Black Mesa days - a German Shepherd named Jed Connolly. They briefly chat but Nathan gets off as he has an important meeting.

Back in City 14 Sarah and Monty get a plane to the new Black Mesa Research Facility to meet their friends Emily, Paisley and Jack.

At the City 17 Office Nathan arrives for his interview, which is being conducted by retiring CEO Zara Zimmerman. The position is narrowed down to three candidates and an excited Nathan is accepted. After the meeting he goes to meet Jed at his hotel room to relay the good news and Jed is pleased for him. They go out together to have a beer and catch up on what has happened in their personal lives since the Black Mesa Incident.



  • This episode makes mention that the Black Mesa Research Facility is still intact and apparently under Combine control, despite being destroyed in canon during the Half-Life series (and was depicted at the end of Half-Life: Opposing Force).
  • Paisley Hills is mentioned in this episode as a person that Sarah and Monty are meeting at Black Mesa.
  • John Robertson is mentioned as one of the candidates for the job at the City 17 Office.

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