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Such is Life
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Nathan Johnson



Drama, Soap opera

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"Even before City 17 things weren't as plain sailing."

Such is Life is a planned project which will act as both prequel and reimagining to City 17 Street. It depicts the exploits of several characters prior to the Black Mesa Incident and ultimately, the invasion of the Combine.


An older down and out Nathan Johnson recollects his life prior to the Combine's arrival on earth.

Going back to Nathan's youth and long before he became a killer and maniac, a younger Nathan Johnson worked as a bakery assistant in a small, seemingly quiet town. But his life soon unravels when he discovers an alien ship, and finds himself hunted down by shady G-Men.



The first idea for a prequel to City 17 Street came in December 2010 with a project titled Happy-Ville. The idea was for it to take place just prior to the Combine's arrival on earth and the Seven Hour War. The project would be filmed using The Sims 3 rather than Garry's Mod. Although a basic outline was written up, nothing else went ahead and it was scrapped.

After the conclusion of City 17 Street in June 2016, Nathan Johnson began racking his head for ideas for another project. Although originally wanting to follow up on the series with a soft reboot/sequel, it was decided in July 2016 to instead work on a prequel, which would both tell an origin and also act as a fresh start to his universe.

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