Simmons Family

The Simmons family in 2010.

The Simmons crime family (formerly the Angelo crime family) was a gang that operated in City 17 from 2010 to 2011 and run by Don Simmons.

  • Location City 17
  • Years active 2010-2011


The family was originally founded by Tony Angelo and known as the Angelo crime family. After his presumed death, his Underboss Don Simmons took control.

The family lasted for eleven months until a botched deal caused Simmons to flee the city.

Family members

Don: Don Simmons (formerly)

Underboss: Andrew Trapani (formerly)



Angelo's Regime

Don: Tony Angelo

Underboss: Don Simmons

Caporegime: Andrew Trapani


  • Nathan Johnson
  • Dan Mason
  • Simon Simms
  • Billy Johnson

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