9. The Big Showdown


5 October 2007


"Against the Clock"


"Back to the Past"

Episode Number(s)



Nathan arrives at G-Man's office in the citadel with only moments to spare. G-Man is impressed but plots to take down Nathan regardless. Nathan shoots at G-Man who escapes into the lift and to the citadel dark fusion reactor. Nathan releases Hannah from her escape pod and tells her to wait in the office as he will be back. She nods in acceptance and Nathan makes his way to the reactor.

G-Man warms up his portal in an attempt to escape but is held at gunpoint by Nathan. Nathan is angry for being used by G-Man and fires his weapon at him. G-Man is thrown back and into the teleporter, which explodes and consumes both him and Nathan. Nathan is plunged into darkness.

Nathan finds himself awakening at the sound of a train honking. He then finds he is the passenger on a train, embarking for City 17...




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