The mysterious Shadow Man is a benefactor of the Elders and (possibly) the new Clandestine Company.


Dan Mason (now a part of the new Clandestine Company) visited the Shadow Man at his home. Keeping up to his name, the Shadow Man kept in the shadows. Dan informed the mysterious man on the escape of his former friend Nathan Johnson, which leads to the Shadow Man to declare an emergency meeting in due course.

A couple of days later the mysterious man visits the grave of Nathan's late wife Samantha Robertson (just moments after Nathan visits the grave himself being heading off). The Shadow Man voices disappointment in Nathan's actions, and reveals that due to this he will never learn of a (currently unknown) secret relating to Samantha herself.


The identity of the Shadow Man is deliberately ambiguous, with the only thing known about him is the fact he is a benefactor to both the Elders and the newly revived Clandestine Company. He has an interest in Nathan Johnson, is afflicted with Dan Mason and appears to hold some unknown secret pertaining to Nathan's late wife Samantha Robertson, although claims that Nathan will never learn the truth due to his actions over the years. He shows a regret over this, hinting that he has no malice towards Nathan, just disappointment.

He shares similarities to Frank Blackstone (also known as The G-Man) and the Elder Supreme, however it is confirmed he isn't either of them, although may have been afflicted to them (especially the latter) in the past.


  • Although not The G-Man, the Shadow Man is clearly based off the character and takes his appearance as well as speech and movements from him. Nathan confirmed this was on purpose. Due to G-Man being given an identity as well as clear motivations and a huge part of City 17 Street over the years he felt the character lost his mystery that he had in the original Half-Life games. The Shadow Man was created to fill that lost spot, although he has so far only made two appearances. Nathan confirmed that he has no interest in exploring the Shadow Man or having him appear further more for the time being.


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