Schizophrenic Core
Schizophrenic Core
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Date of death

September 2011

Physical description

Male programming

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Chronological and political information

Aperture Science


Schizophrenic Core is the name given to a personality core created by Aperture Laboratories. His purpose is said to try and come up with a cure for patients suffering from schizophrenia and delusions. Schizophrenic has a split personality disorder, with his evil and devious side being the superior. He came into conflict with Chell Johnson, a test subject at Aperture.


Schizophrenic befriended Chell Johnson during her stay at Aperture Laboratories. But his more devious side manipulated her to help him take over Aperture. His evil personality displayed a cruel nature, and he told Chell to commit suicide, or lose her child. Chell faked her death, but returned to Aperture and put the place on self destruct. She saved Schizophrenic, but when he taunted her further she threw him into the incinerator, presumably destroying him.

Regardless, the evil side of him uploaded a copy of his personality onto a computer and was emailed to Frank Blackstone (Chell’s devious husband). Schizophrenic requested Frank to help kill Chell. Frank did in fact attempt to murder Chell fearing she would interrupt his operations, but he failed at his task.



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