Sarah Stephanie Woods was the childhood friend of Nathan and Monty Johnson.

City 17 Street

Sarah Woods was the childhood friend of Nathan Johnson and Monty Johnson. The trio of them reunited in City 14 and became part of the Rebels in a fight against the Combine. Sarah along with Nathan and Monty infiltrated a Combine facility and went up against Wallace Breen's adviser The Consul. After defeating the Consul, they blew up the base.

Sarah later moved to City 17 and moved into the same apartment block as Nathan. One night they were attacked by a Hunter sent by The G-Man but managed to fight it off.

Sarah was kidnapped by Mr. Green who mistook Sarah for Nathan's sister and plotted revenge for Nathan destroying his drug business. But Nathan got the upper hand on Mr. Green and shot him dead. He sent Sarah to take a break in City 14 while he cleaned the mess up, and she agreed not to report him to authorities. After staying a while, she chose not to return to City 17.

Years later Nathan met Sarah again when he returned to City 14 to visit Monty. The incident with Mr. Green was now a distant memory and nothing about it was brought up.

In 2016 Sarah and Nathan went to confront a sickly Consul in his private hospital room about the Clandestine Company and a project known as "Endgame". However they were interrupted when forces working for Wallace Breen arrived at the hospital to silence Consul, although he managed to give the pair an address. Sarah and Nathan escaped (and witnessed Consul self destructing his hospital room) and arrive at his home and downloaded vital information from his computer. They then managed to board a train heading towards City 17.

Other appearances

The Citizen Chronicles

Note: This takes place in the City 17 Street reboot continuity. See The Citizen Chronicles pilot.

In an alternative timeline, Sarah Woods worked with the Resistance in City 17 and grew close to fellow rebel Bernard. The pair of them helped Samuel Pade infiltrate a Combine facility and destroy it. Samuel died during the incident, but Bernard and Sarah managed to escape and found themselves on a beach outside of City 17. They were captured by pirates working for the mysterious Clandestine Company and taken to their fortress in the coast. Sarah and Bernard managed to escape and killed their leader, and took a boat and left the area.

Sarah and Bernard precipitated in the Battle for White Forest, with Sarah acting as a medic. However much to her distress, Bernard died whilst assisting Gordon Freeman in destroying the striders attacking the base.


  • Originally Sarah Woods was going to be killed off in the series, however the character was spared for future appearances.
  • There have been ideas for Sarah to be revealed as the biological sister of Nathan and Monty, and even some episode notes accompany this. But nothing has yet been confirmed on-screen.

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