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Samuel Pade
Samuel Pade
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13 September 2008 (cover)
21 October 2010 (official)

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Seven Hour War
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City 17 Police Department
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Samuel Pade is a character in City 17 Street and the father of Michael and Vanessa. Formerly a Metrocop for the Civil Protection Unit, he began working as a detective for the City 17 Police Department working to crack the criminal underworld.


Samuel worked as a Civil Protection officer in City 17 during the Combine occupation. However unlike some of his colleagues, he didn't relish over the thought of control over the citizens of the city, and only took up the job in order to get better food packages and living accommodation for his family.

When the Rogue Resistance obtained information Samuel was a Metrocop, they kidnapped his daughter Vanessa Pade and used her to force Samuel to obtain secret operations of the Combine to use for their own profit. But Samuel managed to track down their location at a disused warehouse near the canals, and killed the members in a bid to find Vanessa. This culminated in a confrontation with the group's leader Viktor Rascalov who held Vanessa at knife point, but Samuel managed to shoot Viktor, wounding him and sending him toppling into the canal to his presumed death. Reunited with Vanessa, Samuel chose to not return to City 17 and instead went into hiding with her.

His activity during The Uprising is unknown.

After the Combine's downfall, Samuel took up a job as a police officer. Leaving Vanessa with her mother Karen, Samuel went into a deep undercover operation in City 18 to investigate criminal operations being carried out, which put him into conflict with the Rascalov crime family. Samuel faked his death in order to protect his family, and eventually came out of hiding when Viktor was arrested and the leader Darko was found dead (although his death was also faked).

At some point afterwards Samuel was discharged from the force for unknown reasons. He began his own private investigation into a spree of serial killings being committed by an unknown assailant. After a tip off he visited an abandoned train station, only to be wounded by the Killer and kidnapped.

Samuel was taken to the abandoned Nova Prospekt by the Killer and forced to participate in deadly games in order to save his old colleagues who were put in deadly traps. After surviving the night and escaping the prison, Samuel suffered a nervous breakdown and was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. He was later released and decided to leave City 17 to start a new life.

A few months later Samuel shot himself in his rundown apartment, which led to his death.

Other appearances

The Citizen Chronicles

This takes place in the City 17 Street reboot continuity.

In this alternative timeline, Samuel wasn't employed with the Civil Protection and instead was a citizen who later joined the Resistance. He was killed during a raid on a Combine Facility, in which he sacrificed himself to destroy the place.


  • The character uses the Male_01 model from Half-Life 2.
  • Samuel's name is taken from a citizen who Gordon Freeman was originally going to meet in the introduction of Half-Life 2 but was cut. See here for details.
    • As such, Samuel is supposed to be the African American citizen seen on the train at the beginning of Half-Life 2, who is puzzled as to how Gordon Freeman got on the train after supposedly not being there before. The Male_07 citizen he is talking to is supposed to be Nathan Johnson, although some episodes contradict this.


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