"Samuel" is a two-part episode of City 17 Street's 2009 series. It saw the return of Samuel Pade who last appeared in the episode "Walter and Freddy" over two-and-a-half years previously in January 2007. This episode was a setup to a handful of episodes later in the year which featured Samuel as the protagonist and going after a serial killer terrorising City 17.

Numerous other characters appeared, but nothing to do with Samuel's story.


Part 1

Samuel Pade is back in City 17 and is investigating a series of grisly murders, in which missing people later turn up with grotesque mutilations. Despite no longer being a detective, Samuel conducts his own private detective work whilst holding down an office job at the City 17 Office. One day at work he receives a letter from someone claiming to have information on the case, and wants to meet Samuel at an abandoned subway station. Samuel decides to go alone to meet this "informant".

Part 2

Samuel arrives at the abandoned subway station, fully armed and loaded. However a dark figure shoots Samuel, who collapses and starts bleeding out.




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