Samia Peterson is a civilian residing in City 17.


When she was a child, Samia along with her mother Lisa were held hostage at their family holiday home in Odessa, in which Viktor Rascalov and Toby Purnell stole secret files her father Gerald had hidden. Viktor shot both Samia and her mother, with Samia surviving (but critically injured) and her mother dying.

Years later, a grown up Samia got engaged to Darren Johnson. When she discovered Darren was part of a task force operation to go after Toby Purnell, Samia infiltrated the files and planned to exact revenge on him.


  • The character's forename was originally Samantha, but was changed in order to avoid confusing with other Samantha characters such as Samantha Robertson and Samantha Johnson.
  • Despite a one-off appearance in a supplementary work for City 17 Street, there were plans to properly introduce her character into the series. The first attempt was in 2012, and then again in 2016. Despite it not coming to pass, she will make an appearance in the planned prequel series Black Mesa.

List of appearances

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