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Sally is a character in the Bo-Bo the Clown stories and is a constant target of the title villain.


Bo-Bo the Killer Clown

On her seventh birthday Sally's mother hired a birthday clown for her party. However the party clown turns out to be a serial killer by the name of Bo-Bo the Clown and he hacks Sally's mother to death with a machete. Sally is tied up to a chair and is served birthday cake with her mother's head on top.


Sally's life was spared, but she was traumatised by the incident. Sally and her father moved away from the area after Bo-Bo's arrest, and she began receiving treatment.

Bo-Bo and Sally

On the fifth anniversary since losing her mother, a 12-year old Sally finds herself kidnapped along with her father by an escaped Bo-Bo. He takes the pair to an abandoned funfair and puts on a show in order to make Sally "laugh". When she refuses, Bo-Bo threatens to murder her father in front of her. Even when Sally puts on a laugh, Bo-Bo isn't satisfied and proceeds to cut her father up with a knife.

Agent Dan Mason arrives to rescue Sally and shoots Bo-Bo, who is presumably killed. Sally is taken to a children's hospital and checked in. One night she wakes up to find Bo-Bo's mask and knife next to her bed, and seemingly possessed she dresses up as the clown and kills a nurse and escapes the hospital.

Bo-Bo's Apprentice

Sally doesn't appear in Bo-Bo's Apprentice - which takes place four months after Bo-Bo and Sally, however Bo-Bo does indirectly mention her when he tells a story relating to the events of when he arrived at Sally's birthday party and murdered her mother.


  • Sally was originally created for a short comic strip Bo-Bo the Killer Clown in 2010. But years later she was drafted into the City 17 Street continuity with her debut appearance in Bo-Bo and Sally. In 2016 the character was promoted to a regular in the series, returning in the Clown Craze story arc.


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