Rogue Resistance

The Rogue Resistance was an underground criminal and terrorist organization that broke off from the Resistance. Former resistance members had defected and rather than care about freeing humanity from the Combine's grasp, they chose instead to profit from the conflict. They primarily operated at the Canals.


Original Group

The Rogue Resistance contains members from the primary Resistance. They didn't care much for the freedom of the world, but instead wished to profit from the conflict between the Resistance and the Combine. They operated at a warehouse near the canals and would obtain information from either Resistance and the Combine, only letting up the information for a price.

After obtaining the identity of a Metrocop - whose identity was Samuel Pade, the Rogue Resistance came up with a plot to kidnap his daughter Vanessa. They carried out this task and with the girl in their grasp they contacted Samuel, demanding important information on the Combine's operations. But Samuel tracked them down to their warehouse and killed the members, save for Viktor Rascalov who held Vanessa at knife point. But Viktor ended up being shot by Samuel and fell into the canal, presumably to his death. However Viktor survived, but he chose not to continue with the Rogue Resistance and went off the grid. With no more members, the group fell.

Second Group

A decade following their downfall, a new rogue resistance was founded shortly after the downfall of the Clandestine Company. Naming themselves the "true resistance", they opposed groups and companies associated with the Clandestine Company (such as the Evo Corporation) and also disliked the main resistance government, feeling they have been unreliable in protecting their citizens. The group began with protests, but committing terrorist acts.





List of appearances

  • City 17 Street
    • "City 17 Files" (alluded to)
    • "Rescuing Vanessa" (first appearance)

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