Richard Woods
Richard Woods
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11 January 2010

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The G-Man


Richard Woods was a conman who appeared in City 17 Street and an on-off resident in City 17 for nearly two-years. He was also the cousin of Sarah Woods.


Going into business

Richard arrived in City 17 for a funeral and to also visit his cousin Sarah. He met the mysterious G-Man and the pair of them decided to go into business and set up their own empire in the city. This plan was to build over Gm construct and create a giant retail outlet.

But Richard had other plans. He plotted to rob G-Man of his money and flee City 17. G-Man got wind of Richard's deceit and approached him at the building site one night. When G-Man made threats, Richard hit him with a spade and dumped his body in a coffin. He took it to a lake near construct and dumped it in. Richard then took G-Man's money, forged a note from him claiming to have left City 17 and stopped all operations on the retail park.

The following month G-Man's "body" was found and cremated, with no connection given to Richard. He then made his departure from City 17.

Further schemes

Richard returned to City 17 a year later, having now run out of funds and desperately needing cash. He learned that Nathan Johnson had come into some money and kidnapped Holly Hills, mistaken her for a relation to Nathan when seeing them together (although they are friends). Richard imprisoned Holly and threatened her with violence and sent a ransom to Nathan. Nathan transferred his money to Richard, who then released Holly and fled City 17 once again. But a vengeful Nathan vowed to track Richard down for the trauma he caused her.


Four-months following his abduction of Holly, Richard was hiding out in the abandoned White Forest Inn. Nathan tracked him down there and held Richard at gunpoint, voicing his intent to kill him. Richard attempted to plea for his life, but this fell on deaf ears and Nathan shot him multiple times, killing him instantly.


  • Richard originally had a bigger planned story arc. Originally he was to become a serial killer targeting citizens in City 17 over a two year period (which would act in real time) and a climactic end would have seen the return of The G-Man (who was meant to be Richard's first murder victim) who would be involved in his downfall. But after G-Man's "death" the story was completely aborted, with Richard departing shortly afterwards and returning only twice over the next year, the second appearance which had him being killed.


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