27 February 2017




"Times of Change"

"Reflection" is a one-off special minisode of City 14 - the spin off series of City 17 Street. It is the twelfth episode overall and the first one since the series finale episode "Funeral". It is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the series and as such picks up a decade since that event.


Whilst on the run, Nathan stops by City 14 to visit the grave of his wife Samantha, ten years on since her death. Nathan continues to reminisce about the past and what has happened since then, and tells Samantha that even if she was alive it wouldn't have worked out as he is a lousy husband, father and friend and brings nothing but destruction in his wake. After speaking with her Nathan leaves the graveyard and heads off in his car to parts unknown.

Afterwards a shadowy figure appears before Samantha's grave. He speaks to the grave and voices his disappointment at Nathan's latest activities, and due to this he will "never learn about the truth about [Samantha]".




  • City 14


  • This episode was purely created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of City 14. No more episodes are planned despite the numerous attempts to revive the series.
  • Originally Holly Hills was going to make an appearance in the episode in which Nathan visited her home to tell her about the recent problems, although she would give him the cold shoulder. However it was decided not to include it in.

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