The real Frank Blackstone is a man who was murdered by The G-Man, who later took his identity in order to fake his own death.

For Frank Blackstone as an alias to the G-Man, see here.


After being bludgeoned and dumped into the waters of gm_construct by evil business partner Richard Woods, The G-Man managed to make it to shore despite a serious head wound. There he comes across a worried man named Frank Blackstone who asks if he needs help. In rage, G-Man stabs Frank to death and smashes his face in. Swapping clothes, G-Man dumps Frank's body into the waters, which is later found and identified as his own. Now presumed dead to City 17, G-Man assumed Frank Blackstone's identity and left City 17. Upon his return to the area eighteen-months later, he continued to use Frank's name and for many more years to come. It is assumed the real Frank was buried under his real name.


Real Blackstone

  • The real Frank Blackstone uses the Half-Life 2 Male_09 model, with brown suit. In his retroactive first appearance as a corpse in City 17 Street, he used a zombie model of the G-Man.

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