The Rascalov crime family was a gang that operated in City 17. It was originally founded and led by Darko Rascalov and then later his cousin Viktor Rascalov. The gang was involved heavily in drug dealing and human trafficking.

  • Locations City 17, City 18
  • Years active 2008-2014


The gang was founded by Darko Rascalov sometime after the downfall of the Combine Empire. Originating in City 18, Darko moved operations to City 17. The gang engaged in a war with two other families the Simmons and the Gelatrays, which resulted in the Rascalov's being the sole remaining family.

After Darko's demise, his cousin Viktor assumed control. But a few weeks later he ended up being arrested thanks to Frank Blackstone, who then hired the remaining members of the family to join his own crew. After this the Rascalov crime family ceased to exist.

Family members



  • Viktor Rascalov (2008-2013)


Deceased - †
Formerly - *

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