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Hector Hughes
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Rabbit Poacher II, real name Matt, was an undercover cop posing as the partner in crime of Toby Purnell.


Matt worked for the Resistance Police Force, and was assigned to an undercover operation to uncover the activities of a group calling themselves "Combine Industries" run by a criminal named Hector Hughes. Matt took on the identity of the original Rabbit Poacher and used it to gain access to Hughes' gang. After winning over their trust, he was paired up with Toby Purnell to act as the group's operatives.

When Combine Industries needed laborers to create their weapons, Matt and Toby were sent to kidnap two girls named Hannah Robertson and Vanessa Pade and bring them to a secret hideout. Nathan Johnson managed to attach a tracker to their truck and find their location. After Nathan saved the girls, Matt unveiled himself as an undercover operative. Hector Hughes was killed whilst trying to escape, while Toby was arrested and incarcerated. However unknown to Matt and Nathan at the time, Hector wasn't the actual leader and the true mastermind was still at large.

Matt and Toby crossed paths a few years later during an anniversary dinner celebrating eight years since breaking from the Combine rule. By this point Toby was released from a mental institute having pleaded guilty, due to his suffering of a split personality disorder which was the main culprit of his crimes. Despite who Toby was, Matt kept a friendly demeanor and chatted with him.


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