The Prowler is the name given to a highly dangerous brainwashed assassin being created by the Clandestine Company as part of their "Prowler Project" experiments. The creature is created to act as their foot soldiers as part of their plans for invasion.


The Prowler was designed by an unnamed scientist at the Clandestine Company which would be used as part of the Clandestine Company's planned invasion. The assassin would be used as a foot soldier. CEO of the Evo Corporation greenlit the project and experimentation began.

Toby Purnell became one of the earliest test subjects. He was already in a feral state due to his split personality fully developing and making him believe himself to being a dinosaur. This dangerous mindset made David approve for Toby to become a Prowler.

Abductions of citizens across City 17 began to take place, and they were brought to the Clandestine Research Facility for testing. They were eventually turned into Prowlers.


The Prowler is a slender creature, with greenish skin and long claws. It has red spikes on top of it's head, as well as red goggles and a breathing mask.

When Toby Purnell becomes a prowler, his skin is a purple colour instead of green.


  • The Prowler is a cut enemy from Half-Life 2.
    • As mentioned by some Clandestine Company members in-universe, the Prowler was a design of the Combine however they were in the process of creating them just as the Uprising broke out, thus the project ended up being stopped.

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