Nathan Johnson returns to City 17 and is called to a hospital where his crooked grandfather Consul is on his death bed. The Consul reveals details that the fight isn't over yet, and speaks of the Clandestine Company's plans for the "Endgame" initiative. Before Nathan can get answers though Clandestine Agents storm the hospital and shoot the place up in order to reach Consul. Consul gives Nathan a key and tells him to head to his hideout and retrieve important files. Nathan escapes the hospital and is aided by Sarah Woods who arrives in a car and drives him away. Meanwhile the Consul detonates a device inside his hospital room, which wipes out the Clandestine Agents just as they storm into his room.

Nathan reaches the Consul's hideout. He retrieves computer files, but is interrupted by the arrival of Clandestine forces. Nathan gets downloads the files and guns his way out and escapes on a train, which leaves the area and evades the forces.




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