Pool of Death
12. Pool of Death
Nathan, Monty and Sarah attacked by Ichthyosaurs.


13 July 2007


"Mr Purple"


"Surprise Return"

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"Nathan decides to take a break from City 17 and stay in City 14. But little does he know that City 14 is worse."
―Opening Prologue in the Series 3 book.

"Pool of Death" is the first episode of the third series of City 17 Street and the eleventh episode overall.

After several attempts to bring the series full-time, this episode marked the beginning of a permanent run for the series, eleven months since the first episode broadcast the year before. This episode is often seen as a proper soft reboot the series, as well as the proper "first episode" (it was originally intended to start as episode 1).

The episode saw the full-time reintroduction of Nathan Johnson (who last appeared in the spin-off series City 14 and his established role as the protagonist. The episode also introduced new characters Sarah Woods and Monty Johnson.


Nathan Johnson, his brother Monty and their friend Sarah Woods go to a swimming pool which has been converted into a Combine controlled facility. They find themselves trapped in the pool which has Ichthyosaurs swimming about. Other citizens are thrown into the pool as well by Combine guards. The Administrator uses a wave machine to throw everyone about and make it difficult to escape and also heighten the panic due to the attacking Ichthyosaurs.

Nathan uses a grenade and lobs it at the Administrator's control panel, which blows both them both up. The citizens are freed from the pool but complications start when the whole place starts to self destruct. Nathan, Sarah and Monty evacuate the facility and escape in a car just as the whole place detonates.

The Administrator survives the explosion and crawls from the rubble. Having enough, he decides to relocate to City 17.

Later on in the day Nathan decides to settle down after being sleep deprived for quite a while. He is startled when he hallucinates Kermit the Frog.



  • Nathan is revealed to suffer from insomnia. This is made reference to years later in the series.


  • This episode has the debut appearance of Sarah Woods, Monty Johnson and the Consul (credited as the Administrator).
  • Despite being a City 17 Street episode, this takes place in City 14.


Loose sequel

A loose "sequel" to the episode titled "Return to the Pool of Death" was aired ten years later in order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the episode. However this was part of a City 14 episode rather than a City 17 Street one.

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