Black Mesa Imbound
Another day at the Black Mesa Research Facility.


1 March 2017



"Office Complications"

Episode Number


"Pilot" (also known as "Black Mesa") is the first episode of the first series of Black Mesa. It was first commissioned on 1 March 2017.


Takes place twelve weeks prior to the Black Mesa Incident. New office administrator Callum Harper may have his work cut out when he starts his job at the facility and is working under the stubborn Louise Gomez. Eli Vance settles down in the complex with his wife Azian and daughter Alyx. Head administrator Dr. Wallace Breen holds a meeting with a mysterious visitor as well as his right hand man Viktor Rascalov pertaining to their portal technology and Breen decides to put pressure on developer Dwight Rosenberg to make results.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


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