1. Pilot
Walter Bennett getting attacked by a Civil Protection officer.


22 August 2006



"The Idiot"

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"Pilot" is the first episode of the first series of City 17 Street. It broadcast on 22 August 2006.


The episode opens up to Wallace Breen giving one of his breencasts to the citizens of City 17. Two citizens who have arrived in the city as Breen welcomes new residents at the trainstation, stating that City 17 is "safer". Another shot cutting to the ending of Half-Life 2 shows the citadel core blowing up and killing Breen, thus putting the city in danger.

The episode cuts back a year prior, in which Breen is delivering one of his speeches and treats the citizens to a special Breencast depicting Jugglers.

During the course of the day numerous citizens find themselves harassed and attacking by the Combine's civil protection unit, thus showing the harshness of City 17. In his apartment, another citizen finds himself brutally attacked and a lit cigarette shoved down his throat by civil protection officers.



During the summer of 2006, NathanJohnson devised a Half-Life TV Series, which originally included two episodes featuring Gordon Freeman. This spun into an idea for a prequel TV Series taking place prior to the events of Half-Life 2 (2004), with the original working title being City Enders.


  • The "Pilot" takes place nine months prior to Gordon Freeman's arrival in City 17.
  • Wallace Breen presents Jugglers on his show, which is a reference to Half-Life 2: Episode One.
  • The opening of the episode depicts the start of Half-Life 2 with two citizens complaining about Wallace Breen's presence in City 17, before going back a year prior to the arrival of Gordon Freeman.


  • None of the citizens were named in the episode and were numbered in the script instead.
  • The episode was originally going to take place five-years prior to the events of Half-life 2, but was later changed to 1 year.



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