Paisley Hills is the younger sister of Holly Hills and a recurring character in City 17 Street.


Paisley was first seen when she attended Sarah Woods' birthday party in 2008. Shortly afterwards she was looked after by Nathan Johnson as a favor of his to Holly.

In May 2009 Nathan bought Paisley a car for her birthday, only to discover she was only eight years old, much to his embarrassment.

In August 2013 she was abducted by Tony Angelo who had broken out of prison to seek revenge on Nathan Johnson. Although Nathan attempted to save her, Tony shot Paisley in the head, killing her instantly. Nathan in return shot Tony dead. But the guilt of Paisley's murder played on Nathan's mind for many months, which caused him to distance himself from other people, primarily Holly Hills who he thought would blame him for Paisley's death (she didn't).


Three years after her death, Paisley ends up resurrected by Dr. Icky at a science facility in City 14 and is transformed into a monstrous creature "The Witch". The goodhearted girl is now gone and the new Paisley is vengeful and cruel, and begins to plot revenge against her sister Holly and also Nathan for 'allowing' her to die.


  • Paisley made her debut appearance in the episode "Sarah's birthday" in February 2008. Although seven months earlier, the character was originally mentioned by name in the episode "Surprise Return". She was originally going to make an appearance in the third series of stories for the City 17 Street Half-Life era.


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