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Olivia Harris
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24 April 2017

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Olivia Harris was an employer at Evo Corporation and the colleague of Nathan Johnson. She appeared as the deuteragonist of the first series of the City 17 Street reset series.


Eight years since the fall of the Combine Olivia was employed at the Evo Corporation working in the administration sector. There she befriend colleague Nathan Johnson and they became good friends. Nathan was open to Olivia and enjoyed telling her about his past exploits, which she didn't mind.

When Nathan began investigating the Clandestine Company he reported his findings to Olivia. Olivia was believing of Nathan's theories that his criminal organization was operating secretly in City 17 and manipulating the masses. She was one of the few to believe Nathan and secretly help him on his quest on uncovering them.

When Nathan decided to confront and potentially kill Clandestine leader David Wakeham, he evacuated Olivia as he didn't want her caught up in the mess. After she departed Nathan confronted David and blew up the company's headquarters and faked his death. Shortly after Olivia received a text message from Nathan, bidding her farewell.

Olivia's daughter Diana was kidnapping by Clandestine Company members and she was used to lure Nathan back to City 17. Toby Purnell held Olivia at gunpoint and when Nathan arrived to save her he was stabbed by David. Toby fired a blank round at Olivia and forced her to fall to the ground, giving Nathan the illusion she was killed. Using a non blank round, Toby then shot Nathan, putting him in a coma. Olivia was taken away and she was given Diana and congratulated on her corporation. Olivia was disgusted and felt guilty for being forced to betray Nathan. She quit her job at the Evo Corporation and left.

Months later she got in contact with Nathan after he woke up. Although Nathan was bitter, he understood why she did what she had to do and forgave her. Nathan severed connection to Olivia when he chose to go on the run after scuppering a deal the Clandestine Company planned to make.

Two months since Nathan's departure, Olivia crossed paths with an alternative version of Nathan Johnson. This Nathan came from another dimension which he dubbed "the primary verse" and told Olivia she was part of another timeline which the Clandestine Company were taking over. The primary-verse Nathan Johnson read up on his "reboot" timeline's exploits, and questioned Olivia over what has been going on. She gives Nathan an update, and reveals his alternative self is on the run.

A week following their meeting, Olivia meets up with the primary Nathan Johnson, who reveals that the Clandestine Company are connected to everything and that they are planning on using technology to tear open the multi-verse. After their meeting he gives Olivia money to travel to City 18 and tells her to stay vigilant, and that they will meet again.

However it didn't come to pass. Following the downfall of the Clandestine Company, Nathan still feared retribution for what he had done. Olivia and her daughter's identities were changed and they were sent off to another city to start a new life. Nathan wasn't informed on their whereabouts which was a bid to protect them from any leverage of his enemies.

Olivia began residing in Mania City in which she worked at a bar. She was later murdered and turned into a doll by a serial killer operating in the city, along with her daughter.


Olivia is a slim woman in her 30s with blonde hair and pale blue eyes.


  • Olivia Harris originally used the Heather Mason model from Silent Hill 3 as her avatar, which was later changed to the Sherry Birkin model from Resident Evil 6.



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