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"No Prospects" is the tenth and final part of a special set of episodes for City 17 Street which takes the perspective of Gordon Freeman. However taking inspiration from the famous webcomic Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman, Gordon Freeman's depiction in the specials is more comedic and taken less seriously than his journey in Half-Life 2.

The specials were originally written to bridge a weekly gap between the episodes "Chain Reactions" and "The Mission", but where later bundled as part of the fourth series of the "Half-Life" era.

This episode wasn't intended to be the final part of Gordon Freeman's adventures, as another episode was planned which would have featured more of Gina Cross. This turned out not to be, and Gordon Freeman's subsequent appearances in City 17 Street would make no mention of her.


Gordon grows tired of waiting for Judith to finish up on the teleporter, so instead emails Gina that he is returning home and goes on his way, planning to walk all the way back to City 17. Judith is pleased that he is finally gone, but her happiness doesn't last when it turns out Gordon accidentally activated the self destruct when sending the email and she is sealed into the facility. As Gordon walks away, he is oblivious to Nova Prospekt being blown up in the background, as his only concern is trying to make it through the long dangerous journey back home.


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