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New World
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25 December 2014 (Pilot)
1 January 2017 (Full time)

Created by

Nathan Johnson


New Haven, Ravenholm


Crime, Drama, Soap opera

New World is an upcoming spin-off to City 17 Street which is set after the 2014 storyline "New World". It is acts as a soft reboot to the series and is set in a parallel to that of the main continuity.


Set in an alternative universe where the earth wasn't conquered by the Combine.


Introduced in the Prelude

Introduced in Series 1


Original Specials

Series 1



"The Xenian Invasion"

Nathan Johnson is forced to travel through time in order to rescue his daughter from crime lord Viktor Rascalov - the latter whom has traveled back to the Black Mesa Incident to modify the outcome of the Nihlanth's invasion of earth.

"New World"

After sealing off the portal to Xen, Nathan travels back to present day where he finds himself in a very different earth. Not only is he now living in the town of New Haven (located nearby the abandoned Black Mesa Research Facility) but he appears to be in a world where the Combine's presence and invasion wasn't made, and a lot of people from his past are still alive - which includes his deceased wife Samantha Robertson. Although this new life appears much happier, Nathan soon comes to realise sinister goings on lurk underneath the happy go lucky town, and his suspicions further when it transpires Wallace Breen is a powerful political figure.

Series 1

"Valley of Stability"

Two years after preventing Wallace Breen's planned domination of humanity, Nathan is now living alone in the town of Ravenholm after Samantha divorced him.