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The New Combine Civil War, sometimes titled New Combine and Resistance War, is a 2012 conflict between a political terrorist organisation titled the Combine and the Resistance Government in City 17 and nearby cities. It occurred from July to August 2012, ending in Combine victory once again.



The Combine where a multi-dimensional alien organisation which originally took over earth in the matter of 7-Hours, with Wallace Breen put in charge of administration of the Combine in City 17. However they where later defeated by Gordon Freeman during the uprising, with the death of Wallace Breen and freedom to the human race in Resistance Victory.


After the Combine's defeat, the Resistance became rulers of City 17. Despite this however, crime began to rise due to a slowly building government. An ex-Combine associate named Erik Kaldwin began setting up an underground organisation with other old Combine members. With the help of gangster Tony Angelo, Erik began using resources to build his crew and was given weapons once used by the Combine and their equipment left over since the Uprising.

The beginning

In early 2012, associates of the new Combine began protesting against the Resistance, feeling they had failed humanity due to the high crime rate. Tony attempts to stage a planned explosion at a school, which is stopped by Nathan Johnson. Tony left City 17, and appointed Erik as sole commander of the New Combine, and got him to hire Nathan as a pawn for the New Combine, and used the rescuing of the school as a way to earn support of the New Combine to the people of City 17, and set up the Resistance for the planned terrorist plot.

The War

The Combine Resistance War sparked in early July 2012. The New Combine took the streets of City 17 and began waging a war against the Resistance forces with extreme brutality. Erik and Nathan partnered and enlisted the help in a brainwashed Gordon Freeman, who assisted in the war with the very people he helped take down the Combine.

In August, the Resistance where overpowered by the built up New Combine and ended up having to surrender. The New Combine claimed victory in City 17, making it once again ruled by the Combine.


Erik took on full control as leader, with Tony Angelo working behind the scenes. Nathan left and worked as a ruler of the newly set up Combine Factories outside of City 19.


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