NJ Memorial Park is a park in City 17 which is dedicated to the memory of rebel Nathan Johnson following his sacrifice to destroying the Clandestine Company. The park was commissioned by City 17 Administrator Alyx Vance. The park's existence is met with some controversy by those who believe that (despite his sacrifice) isn't all well deserved due to Nathan's past shady actions.


Following Nathan's sacrifice in destroying the Clandestine Company by blowing up their dark portal, administrator Alyx Vance commissioned a park to be created and named in his honour, which was also urged by Nathan's wife Chell. Although the park is named after Nathan, it is also dedicated to others who had lost their lives during the Uprising against the Combine as well as those who fought against the Clandestine Company.

The park was met with controversy, as people believed Nathan shouldn't have gotten such an honour. Although they acknowledge he sacrificed himself, they point out he has had shady dealings and done bad things which makes him worse than his enemies. This includes his controversial involvement with the New Combine as well as his deals with the old Combine Empire and Wallace Breen. Nathan's criminal lifestyle was also called into it, and he was seen as simply trying to profit from the misfortune of others. Regardless though, the park remained in his name. Gerald Peterson was one of those who felt Nathan didn't deserve the amount of honour he got.

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