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Mr. Purple


Ms. Blue was the best friend and lover of Mr. Purple/Toby Purnell during the Combine occupation.


During the Combine occupation Ms. Blue and Toby Purple (known as Mr. Purple) shared an apartment in City 17. They became intimate during the Uprising in which the supression field was down, which allowed Toby to impregnate her. But during the early pregnancy, Toby disappeared from City 17 and Ms. Blue give birth to a baby girl, who she shared Tara. Toby became aware of the child, but for reasons unknown wasn't able to see her or Ms. Blue again, which lead to a psychotic break in which he began abducting girls in order to "replace" the pair of them. This caused him to form a secondary personality, the deviant "Toby the Purple Dinosaur".

Several years later, Ms. Blue attended Toby's wedding to Rapunzel along with her daughter although they didn't reveal that the child was Toby's.

Behind the Scenes

  • Ms Blue was created in April 2007 in order to become a supporting character for a Mr. Purple lead spin-off series to City 17 Street. She appeared in three episodes of the now-lost spin-off. The character was later recycled and used in City 17 Street proper, but as a cameo character for a wedding episode between Mr. Purple (now named Toby Purnell) and Rapunzel. The following year the character was reintroduced for the City 17 Street revival series in April 2017 - ten years following her original contraception.

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