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Mr Grundley
Mr. Grundley
Biographical information


Date of birth

c.1900 (later resurrected in 2010)

Date of death


Physical description

Zombie (formerly human)



Hair color

White (balding)

Eye color


Chronological and political information



"He is trying to make a name for himself."

Mr. Grundley is a gentleman fast zombie and a character in City 17 Street appearing in the story Mr. Grundley the Gentleman Zombie. Mr. Grundley is the ruler of his own zombie faction in Ravenholm in which he hopes to restore order to the world.


Mr. Grundley was a shopkeeper until one day he was murdered by a gangster named Mr. Bad for not paying his protection money. Under unknown circumstances Grundley was revived from the dead 80-years later in Ravenholm Cemetery and began setting up his own undead army as part of a revolution against the modern and 'broken' world.

In 2016 Grundley took part in the battle against the Clandestine Company and fought against their demonic forces. In the aftermath of the battle in which a majority of the world was left in a rundown state, Mr. Grundley began working against the remaining demons that were left to roam the earth after the downfall of the Clandestine Company.


  • The character is inspired by a Garry's Mod Swep named Mr. Grundley.

List of Appearances

  • City 17 Street 2010 (Character profile)
  • Mr. Grundley the Gentleman Zombie

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