Morgan Johnson is the mysterious twin brother of Nathan Johnson and older brother of Monty Johnson. He was presumed dead after a conflict with the Combine until he resurfaced a decade later, with bad intentions for his twin.



Morgan was born a few minutes prior to Nathan. During their childhood they were close, however Nathan was shy in his childhood whereas Morgan displayed signs of ruthlessness and contempt, having issues with other people and only latching onto Nathan. Morgan felt that Nathan was not at all different and only kept his true self hidden, and would make attempts to bring out Nathan's dark side. However Nathan refused and kept away from turning bad, much to Morgan's irritation.

During school Morgan and Nathan were separated and put into different classrooms, which angered Morgan who felt "they" were trying to keep him and Nathan apart. He attacked a student and found himself being excluded for short periods of time over his acting up.

Following the Combine's occupation of earth Morgan grouped with Nathan and they joined a resistance squad to combat the Combine in an unknown city. But during a conflict they were ambushed by a mole within the group and Morgan was impaled by a strider and presumably killed. Nathan murdered the mole in cold blood, and felt the rush of committing cold blooded murder and at that moment felt "connected" to his late brother. Nathan buried Morgan's body, and over the years his brother's memory would lie in his subconscious. Nathan would slowly turn into a cold killer himself and began to emulate his brother, although without really knowing it.

Presumed death

Morgan would be presumed dead for the next eleven years. In that time Morgan was kept in stasis by the Elder Supreme for unknown purposes, although he was made aware of his predicament and was brought out several times to witness Nathan "moving on" with his life. Morgan grew contempt for Nathan and saw him as the other human beings he despised, unaware though that Nathan has turned to darkness.


Nearly eleven years since his 'death', Morgan was released from stasis shortly following the downfall of the original Clandestine Company (at Nathan's hands). Morgan kept to the shadows and watched Nathan and his new life and seemed to be planning a way to copy Nathan's life in order to replace him.

Morgan kidnapped Nathan's new wife and held her prisoner for a short period of time, before allowing her to starve to death. Morgan sent a message taunting Nathan over her death and gave him and address of her location, despite it being too late. Morgan paid Nathan a visit. Nathan wasn't able to recognise Morgan (despite their striking similarities) and saw him as just one of many lookalikes roaming City 17. Morgan was disappointed and after engaging in a short fight with Nathan, managed to overpower and beat him down. Morgan assured Nathan they would meet again, before then leaving.

During Nathan's time away Morgan took Nathan's identity and with clever mimicking, body language and posture was able to befriend Nathan's oblivious friends and get more information on him. Nathan would become unaware of these meetings.

During Nathan's conflict with the reborn Clandestine Company he was confronted by Morgan during his time on the run from The Elders. Morgan identified himself, much to Nathan's shock. Morgan revealed that he felt his life has been stolen, and wants to take what Nathan has left. Despite Nathan claiming that Morgan wouldn't want his life due to all the misery, Morgan said it would be no worse than what he has had to endure during his disappearance. Morgan then disappeared, saying that he will come calling when the time is right.


  • The existence of a twin brother of Nathan Johnson was first brought up in the series back in 2008, when Nathan and Hannah Robertson visited the grave of Nathan's brother. However supplement information regarding Nathan's family would omit Morgan, leaving it up in the air whether or not he canonically existed in the series. However in 2017 Morgan was introduced as a proper character, giving Nathan a canon twin brother.
  • The character was initially credited as Nathan's Doppelgänger or Nathan II in his early appearances. However this was due to it not being known who or what Nathan's double truly was, until it was decided to introduce a twin for Nathan.

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