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Moral Bennett
Moral Bennett
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Moral Bennett is the younger brother of Walter Bennett and a car salesman and accountant in City 17.


Moral arrived in City 17 when getting a job at the City 17 Office in March 2008 to replace its manage Billy Bones, who had been shot dead by an angry customer. Moral took his role in stride and enjoyed having power over the workers. After a few months, he transferred away and was replaced by Michael Rodgers.

Two years later Moral arrived back in City 17 after the "death" of Nathan Johnson, with interests in buying Nathan's shares to a car company in City 17. Nathan's girlfriend Chell arrived back in City 17 to take care of his interests, and sold shares of the company to Moral. He had interests in her, but she didn't share the same enthusiasm.

Later in the year he attended a party in City 17 to bring in the New Year, along with his wife Maureen.

In 2013 Moral began working as an accountant for the Blackstone Crime family, and began overseeing experimentation for Frank Blackstone on human subjects. While alone at his lab, Moral was held at gunpoint by Nathan Johnson who escaped captivity and forced Moral to program a teleport to help Nathan escape. Moral was then shot in the head by Nathan, killed outright.

In the reboot continuity Moral is working as an accountant for Bo-Bo the Clown. He begins working at the Evo Corporation and becomes interested in the Clandestine Company's activities and plans for City 17. Managing to make contact with the group, he reveals that his brother Monty was responsible for working on the original Black Mesa Teleportation technology. The Company request Moral finds his brother and makes him an offer.

Moral manages to track down Walter's lab, where he is working on a new teleporter for the Resistance. Moral tries to make a deal with Walter, but gets turned down as he doesn't wish to betray his friends and doesn't like the Clandestine Company's activities. Feeling rejection, Moral leaves quietly but plans revenge.

A week later, Moral rounds up some Clandestine Agents and storms Walter's lab, just as he is testing out his new teleporter. Moral personally shoots his brother in the back, killing him, and orders a couple of the agents to take away Walter's granddaughter Sunny and also Simon Simms who were present in the lab with Walter. The agents do so, with a couple staying behind with Moral. A few minutes later Nathan arrives at the lab and is shocked to see Walter has been killed. He guns down the two agents and ties up Moral. He decides not to kill him and instead phones in his agent friend Dan Mason to arrest him. Whilst waiting, Moral taunts Nathan and reveals Walter was too soft and was responsible for his own demise. Nathan gags Moral, and decides to have some "fun" with him before Dan's crew arrives, and to avenge Walter's death.

Moral is taken into custody, but tries to worm his way out by setting Nathan up for a crime he didn't commit. This later fails when a witness contradicts Moral's claims. Moral is then transferred to Nova Prospekt.


Moral is an ignorant opportunistic individual, and looks to take advantage of people's misfortunes while at the safe time acting like their friends. He had attempted to take advantage of the death's of Billy Bones and Nathan Johnson in order to expand his own wealth. Moral is a sleazy man, and attempted to sleep with Nathan's girlfriend Chell. Moral's actions and personality completely differ from his older brother Walter, who is a more laid back and kind man.


  • Moral was introduced as a minor character and a fill in during his 2008 stint. He was brought back in 2010 of the idea that he would replace Nathan Johnson, who was originally to be killed off. But Nathan ended up returning a few weeks after his "departure", and Moral vanished.
  • Moral made appearances after his July 2010 appearance, once for a New Year Special at the end of the year, and in 2013 for his death.
  • His model is that of Isaac Kleiner from the Cinematic mod of Half-Life 2.
  • In early drafts of City 17 Street in 2006, Moral was planned to appear as a main character, but was scrapped.

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