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Male 07 is an actor and the star of City 17 Street, in which he plays a variety of characters, most notably the protagonist Nathan Johnson.


Male 07 is the nickname given to a character model in the Half-Life 2 game, and has been used for numerous Garry's Mod comics, with his most prominent role being that of Gordon Frohman.

In December 2007 when City 17 Street creator Nathan Johnson began using Garry's Mod to make his series (rather than simply in text or drawings) he hired Male 07 to star as Nathan himself.

Due to being in high demand Male 07 grew tired and cynical over the years. During the tenth anniversary special in August 2006, he quit the role of Nathan Johnson when he found out that the real Nathan intended to relaunch the series, despite the initial claim that the tenth anniversary would act as the grand finale. According to Nathan himself, Male 07 claimed to want money for the role, despite it being a non-profit series. Male 07 also slammed Nathan, saying the series was useless "fan-fiction" and horribly written, and he only obliged due to being a mere ragdoll within the Garry's Mod video game and forced against his will.

For the revamp, Nathan used a variation of the male scientist model from the Half-Life 2 mod Black Mesa. Despite Male 07's ill thought, Nathan claimed that he would miss him as the pair had been through a lot together over the past eight-and-a-half years.


Characters that Male 07 has portrayed during City 17 Street.


  • Male 07 is the name given to one out of 9 male citizen models for Half-Life 2. He was modeled after Michael S. Smith. The model is a popular one within the Garry's Mod comic community, and is most well known for being used for the popular webcomic Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman. Many other comics use the model as the star of their series, and Nathan Johnson followed suit.


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