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Johnson Verse HL
Welcome. Welcome to the Johnson-Verse

Formerly the Half-Life Fan-Fiction Wikia, this now contains stories, characters and locations set within the expanding "Johnson-Verse" by User:NathanJohnson.

The Johnson-Verse originated as a Half-Life fan-fiction series in the form of City 17 Street - a prequel to Half-Life 2 which eventually went down its own alternative path and stepped away from the normal Half-Life narrative. The universe primarily deals with the day to day life of a fictional Nathan Johnson and his journey through the Half-Life universe. The Johnson-Verse is hardly a safe place, as it is filled with rogue organizations and blood thirsty alien empires that (typically) want to have earth for themselves following the downfall of the Combine Empire's presence on the planet following the events of Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

The wikia is going through a major revision, as well as the Johnson-Verse stories themselves that have been in the making since August 2006. Episodes and character pages are going through major rewrites and retcons in order to try and improve somewhat on the series.

Current Events/Community Projects

Latest Activity

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